Surveillance cameras provide a layer of security from criminal activity and with networking today, we can monitor our homes quite easily and virtually from anywhere in the world.We can help you determine which camera system will work best for your purpose and budget.


Another crucial aspect of home or business security is the access control system. We can provide the best control solutions depending on the level of complexity desired.


When it comes to Audio and Video, the possibilities are endless. From communication solutions for conference rooms to complete home theaters and surround systems, we got you covered. This is normally the "fun" part of installation where we get to add entertainment and bring a home to life.



Structured or Low Voltage wiring has become a necessity in homes as we depend so heavily on steady networking and connection. Having a strong foundation of low voltage wiring is crucial to seamless additions and integration of home automation, networking and audio/video. Plug It In Systems, Inc has teams of experienced low voltage installers for projects ranging from service calls to full wiring of new construction residential and commercial projects.

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